Amazon Business Consulting

As time allows, I will help Amazon business owners complete the following projects. My goal is to save you time by leading you through the process, and in some cases doing it for you.

Trademark Your Brand

I hold 4 certificates and can advise what is needed to prevent delay.


Copyright your work: books, courses, photographs, have been successfully submitted.

Sales Tax

Register and file Sales Tax; understand Product Tax Codes and Settings in Amazon.

GS1 Barcodes

How, when and where to register. Labelling products, and sending in stickerless.

Brand Registry

What’s needed and where to get help if you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

How can I help you?

If there is something else I can help you with, please let me know.

I'm Here to Help You

Don't be afraid to reach out.

Karen Holmes

Amazon Business Consultant

I'm commonly found in select Facebook groups as "Karen Steinhilber Holmes" where I help answer members' questions.

About Karen


My name is Karen Holmes. I was born in the U.K. and I have lived in the mid-west United States for over twenty years. I joined Amazon as a 3rd party seller in 2009. I love the opportunity and freedom that comes with running your own online business. There is always something to learn and new challenges. When I am not working on mine or someone else's business, I enjoy time with my family and travelling..


  •  Milwaukee, WI


Please email me with any questions here