Where Your Inventory is Stored & Storage Fees – New Report

Latest Report – Monthly Storage Fees

Use the Monthly Storage Fees report to check the dimensions & weight FBA are using to calculate your storage fees, especially if you are sharing a listing in case someone has entered the wrong details.

It also tells you which Fulfillment Center (FC) your inventory is stored in (Column D) and/or what your monthly storage fees calculate out to be on each item.

Reports – Fulfillment – Payments – Monthly Storage Fees (new)

Tip: If you get weird numbers in the last column, click on the 1st cell and put a ‘ on the search line at the top. That will format it correctly. Then drag the formula down the column using the little box in the bottom right of the cell.  Ask if you need help with this.

To find out which State the FC code is for, click here. 

Above Updated: November 2017. I strive to update info as new reports come out.


Below is an older article about another way to find where FBA inventory is stored. 

There are a few reports that include a column with the FC code (Fulfillment Center/Warehouse code). Your inventory will be stored at many warehouses, even ones you have not shipped to. Amazon will move it around based on various factors. For the purpose of this article we will use the Inventory Event Detail report.

Sign into your Amazon Seller’s Account

Go to:

Select DownloadExact Dates – Choose the date range – FromToRequest Download

You can just delete all columns apart from the one named FC. Then Data Sort into alphabetical order, then click Remove Duplicates in excel.


List of FBA Warehouses by Fulfillment Center (FC)

List of FBA Warehouses by State


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