How to Find Your Sales Volume by State from Amazon Report

Amazon has various reports and this particular one will show you your sales volume and can be sorted by State. This is particularly important for calculating the ‘good faith’ sales volume when estimating any tax liability in the wake of the deadline for the MTC’s Sales Tax Amnesty Program.


Obviously this does not include other marketplaces sales volumes.

Reports –  Payments – Date Range Reports  = Generate Report


You will want Transaction and  Month or Custom Date Range such as 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2016



Delete 1st 7 Rows

Data Sort (check my data has header) by Order State (column K)



Total the relevant columns: 

  • Product Sales (M)
  • Take off promotions/Discounts (P)
  • Some States charge tax on gift wrap and shipping, some don’t, if they don’t take that column total off
  • If you do a large number of sales of non taxable products, you may want to separate that number


Some customers enter their State written in full and others abbreviated. Make sure you total all.

  • Arizona
  • AZ


How to Estimate Your Past Due Sales Tax Liability via TaxJar

TaxJar offers a free trial that goes back 60 days. If you sign up for their paid service (starts at $19/month) you can get the current year’s numbers to January 1st. If you want to go back further in time, you can pay $25/year for the past year(s) you want.  Alternatively, TaxJar has a video showing you how to estimate it based on data retrieved from this year, etc.  Watch TaxJar’s Video on estimating “good faith” sales volume.


By far the easiest way is to just have TaxJar give you the numbers from the past.  The next best way would be to pull the report from Amazon yourself (or VA do it), and then sign up for TaxJar to collect your data going forward. Use this affiliate link to get a special offer, or go to their website directly.

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