Listing Closed Due to Negative Customer Experience

The dreaded Red Flag of Performance Notification was flying one day.

Amazon had closed a listing because of too many customer complaints.

Total orders shipped: 84
Total defective orders: 7
Defect rate: 8.3%

My first reaction was to be angry, because the comments didn’t make sense. It’s a large, good quality, lunch bag.

-Actual bag looks different than the picture.
-I dont know that it was really inaccurate, but its definitely much smaller than I understood it to be. Side pockets are not usable and middle isnt large enough to hold much.

The photograph was of the actual product, provided by the manufacturer, so why did it look different?

“Definitely much smaller…isn’t large enough to hold much” What? It’s huge inside!



Amazon was putting the returns back into inventory, so I couldn’t determine the problem. However, I was able to catch 2 in time and have them sent back to me. What I discovered was that the customer was not even taking them out of the bag, they were being judged at first sight. They do look different than the picture when in a bag than being displayed, and they do look much smaller when flattened.

Plan of Action

Say something in the bullet points or description to address this matter so the customers know what to expect.  “This product arrives flat for shipping and storage purposes. It is easily mistaken to be smaller than it is. When expanded it has an exceptional amount of space inside.”

Add a photograph of the contents “outside” the bag, so they know know how large it is, because few read or remember the dimensions given, but they may remember a photo.

It is best to identify problems, before Amazon feels the need to alert you, by checking the Return Report often.



Problem solved! Moral of the story, use this experience as a way to improve the listing.

P.S. That very same product received an organic VINE 1,000+ member today raving about the product. I’ve sold hundreds of it now, literally, so I’m glad I stayed with it, and never got another return.

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