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SBA – Small Business

  The SBA organization covers topics that range from starting a business, getting a loan, even exiting a business, and everything in between! Spend some time on their site and learn about the FREE resources available.



  Find a mentor, take a workshop, browse their library. Get the help and resources you need and consider volunteering your expertise. Enter your zip code on their site to find local chapters.



Disclaimer: If a program/service offers a referral fee, I may include an affiliate link. However, I promote solely based on the merit of the service and support given. You can choose to delete any extra id after the website address. Some programs do offer a benefit to both the promoter and new customer.


AMP Training helps online merchants clearly define the right product line and marketing strategies for business expansion. Led by Lisa Suttora, members benefit from her experience and in depth knowledge of eCommerce in an active support group. Result-driven Amazon Page Optimization and Analysis services are available.


   CoMerchant connects your Jet and Walmart accounts with your Amazon inventory. Barbara Boschen and Brian provide additional support and services to make diversification an easy solution.


  eGrowth Partners offer Suspension Prevention, Reinstatement services and products to Amazon sellers. Everyone can benefit from the “must read” Suspension Prevention Book. Cynthia Stine is a talented author who keeps you entertained while educating you. Read about real life scenarios.


Katharyne Shelton

Curate is a course created by Katharyne that trains on all things digital – Print on Demand: This ranges from journals, jewelry, leggings, wrapping paper, games, you name it, she covers it! Extensive videos and facebook support help you through the process. Her husband Isaac is an added bonus with his website and technical expertise.


  Seller Labs feedback service.


  Sales Tax is never a popular subject, but TaxJar do their best to make it understandable, whether just for your own State, or more. Their FREE guide let’s you know the settings to do on Amazon to collect the correct amounts. For example, some States charge sales tax on shipping and/or gift wrap, others don’t. They also offer a service that automates the filing of sales tax collected.


Free Facebook Groups

Accounting We Will Go

Accounting support group run by ex CPA Anna Hill. Offering free information as well as courses and services.


Paid Facebook Groups

Scanner Society

Support group for eCommerce sellers with a mixture of business models, discounts on services, and interviews covering every topic imaginable, including the updates from those attending events and trade shows.


Useful Links

Amazon’s Helpful Links about Promotions (subject to change)



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