Myths & Facts of Safe Promotion Set Up

The purpose for this blog is to guide you through common misunderstandings and misinterpretations and setting up promotions, and provide instructions and training, so you get the desired outcome when running a promotion.

Myth #1

Customers can only order one item with a single use code.


Customer can order as many as they want, but can only use the code one time.


Set a Maximum Quantity on the offer page (Inventory – Edit – Offer) but note that this will limit all customers to that amount. Once the promotion is over, reset it.

This still does not keep you safe. Please read on.


Myth #2

Someone can only order one because I’ve checked “One redemption per customer”


This doesn’t refer to the quantity someone can order, but to the frequency they can order. If someone posted the code in a 4,000 strong Facebook group, 4,000 people could potentially redeem it one time if inventory levels allowed.


Myth #3

I’ve created a coupon code that is exclusive so no one can stack coupons.


If a promotion is running where no claim code is required, it can be combined with an exclusive offer.


Myth #4

I’m safe because I’m not doing a large discount.


Some promotions can be combined with others so can add up to being a large discount. Be sure to read all the various ways they can be combined – under ‘combinability’.


Myth #5

I’ve set Max Quantity to 1, have single use code, exclusive, one redemption per customer, I’m good to go.


Not if you have created the Product Selection for more than one ASIN or SKU. Sellers have reported putting all their variations for a product in one Product Selection and customers have used the code for every variation.





Prefer to watch the process?

I have created this step by step video to help you safely create a promotion for a nominal fee.

Video Tutorial Offer – to lead you through the safe set up process of promotions

“Going…Going…Gone…Sold to the gentleman (or woman) over there for… $0

There are reasons we are seeing an increasing number of cases of promotions gone wrong. The very steps Amazon has taken to help sellers, are working against us. Software programs are finding the coupon codes, and those who know these ‘loopholes’ are more than ready and willing to take advantage of them. It is not just one person either.

  • Learn how to run a SAFE and ENJOYABLE promotion
  • Whether you are running a 50%, 20%,10% coupon code, there are things you must know
  • We include a checklist along with an easy to follow Video Tutorial
  • No one is teaching ALL the precautions and procedures you need to take because the full extent of what can go wrong, and does go wrong, has not been realized yet
  • A little bit of knowledge is more dangerous than none
  • Single-use, Max Qty, Exclusive settings are not enough, you need to all the loopholes
  • This training is for seasoned sellers as well as new sellers
  • It is more suited for Private Label sellers and Product Launches

Tutorial hosted on Gumroad for a nominal fee that could save you hundreds of dollars.


Disclaimer: I am not employed by Amazon.

Always consult Amazon’s official pages for the latest information.
My Resources page has links to Amazon pages.

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