How to Put FBA Inventory on Hold to Protect It

An extra precaution to safeguard your inventory if you are running a promotion, or if you want to keep some available for sale elsewhere, is to put some of your inventory on “hold”. You will want to keep some available for organic traffic, but if you have 2,000 items at FBA warehouses and a code goes wrong, you don’t want to risk it all. This is just a temporary hold and you can do so for up to a fortnight (2 weeks).

Go to:

Fill out your Full Name and Address and amount you want held aside, so if have 100 in stock and want to do promo on 20, order 80 and put them on hold for up to 2 weeks.


Fill out these fields in full in case you forget to cancel the hold/order.



You’ll be given a CONSUMER order id.



So now it will say Success, inventory placed on hold. It will remain as a pending order for the 2 weeks, until you cancel it.



After your promotion date has expired/ended, cancel the order so they aren’t on hold any longer.  It will be greyed out as a Pending Order, but you can click on the CONSUMER order number for link.



Make sure you get confirmation that it is cancelled.



Amazon’s Policies On Inventory Hold

It is against TOS to put your inventory on hold for the purpose of creating ‘scarcity’. That is manipulation and does not benefit the customer.  However, it is within TOS as of this date to put your inventory on hold for the sake of protecting it when running a promotion. It is both on the promotions set up page and Seller Central has advised it by phone.



Disclaimer: While we will try our best to update as needed, it is your responsibility to keep informed of Amazon’s most up-to-date rules by visiting Seller Central and putting your topic in the search bar.

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