Learn how to set up a Promotion in an easy to follow video tutorial with accompanying checklist for a nominal fee of $5 (or suggested price $14.99 – you choose)

Don’t lose your inventory to someone willing and able to take advantage of anyone who misses an important step in the set up of a promotion. Just when you think you know all the ways…you learn of another fatal flaw in the set up.

  • We are seeing an increasing number of cases of promotions gone wrong
  • The very steps Amazon has taken to help sellers, is working against them
  • Software programs are finding the coupon codes, and those who know these ‘loopholes’ are more than ready and willing to take advantage of them
  • Learn how to run a SAFE and ENJOYABLE promotion
  • Whether you are running a 50%, 20%,10% coupon code, there are things you must know
  • We include an easy to follow along PDF with the Video Tutorial
  • No one is teaching ALL the precautions and procedures you need to take because the full extent of what can go wrong, and does go wrong, has not been realized yet
  • A little bit of knowledge is more dangerous than none
  • Single-use, Max Qty, Exclusive settings are not enough, you need to know more
  • This training is for seasoned sellers as well as new sellers
  • It is more suited for Private Label sellers and Product Launches

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